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How I stay motivated

Hey, friends! The number one question I get asked all the time is; "How do you stay motivated?". Well, it's not as difficult as it seems; if you're doing the right things, that is. Whenever i'm in a slump with my training, I get out of it as quickly as possible, and get on track so I can meet whatever my goal is. Everyone is different. As for me, training is something I do as a stress reliever. It takes my mind off everything and just gives me a mental break. I've also developed a training style that I thoroughly enjoy, which is weight training. Alright, now, back to the purpose of this post, (I get side tracked to easily jeez), which is how to stay motivated. These are some things that really help me get back on track and make my training super enjoyable and something I look forward too!

1. Find a training style that you LOVE! It's different for everyone. Some people love body-weight exercises, some like to run, some like to lift, some like Pilates; the list goes on. Don't be afraid to try new things and see what you enjoy! (definitely try out weight training because it's super fun and has so many health benefits but that's a whole different post in itself okay bye).

2. Switch up your routine! By researching and adding different moves that target the muscle group you're training that day, it makes sessions way more enjoyable, and something to look forward to. Even doing something small, like, increasing/decreasing the weight on an exercise, or changing the amount of reps/sets is a great way to add contrast to your workouts, and make them feel brand new. (I'm definitely guilty of going from 4 sets to 3 sets on jumping squats because who on earth likes jumping squats like just thinking of them makes my quads burn and makes me want to cry okay bye)

3. Listen to some bumpin music! (That was cringy. Like, 'bumpin'? Who says that? Me I guess...). Music is an amazing way to get a good pump for your sessions. As for me, I'm one of those people who waits for the beat to drop to start my squat set lmao. Make a playlist of all the songs that get you so hyped up, and blast it on your speaker (if your at home of course), or in your headphones to get you ready to pump!! (and if you're like me and your music varies from Broadway hits to rap then it'll be easy to find songs that get you hyped up like there's nothing better than Idina Menzel belting that last 'OOOOHAaAaOOOOOOHHHHHH' in Defying Gravity amirite? okay bye) ((One more thing I just wanted to say that trying to belt that high note after doing a set of squats is really hard so if your in for a challenge and specifically and for the sake of other people, not at the gym, give it a shot! okay bye))

4. Switch up your area! Training in the same place everyday can get boring and make you lose motivation. Try going to the gym for the day, training outside, or in your house. Sometimes you just need a new area to feel inspired and work with the equipment you have, whether that's a full room of equipment and machines, a park bench, or even nothing! Don't be afraid to try new things! (Sometimes I feel like working out in the dark and my family comes downstairs and i'm squatting in complete darkness and they're like " alright" and i'm like "......ya....." and they sigh and walk away like maybe they think there is something wrong with me but whatever okay bye)

5. Buy a new outfit!! This sounds kind of weird but seriously this really gets me motivated to try it on and smash out an awesome training session! (and take a few pics in your outfit but be subtle about it because you might be judged okay bye)

6. Try a workout class! By doing this, you can try something new, and also maybe find a new hobby! I tried a boxing class and it's super fun and I definitely want to make that a hobby! (I get a lot of my anger out and sometimes I see the concerned faces of the people around me because they don't know where all this anger comes from okay bye)

7. Look for motivation online! By watching videos on YouTube or Instagram, you can find so much motivation and new moves that you can use for your workout! Whenever I scroll on Instagram, I get so motivated to do my absolute BEST in my next session! Give it a shot before your next session! My favorite fitness YouTubers at the moment are Sarah's Day, Natacha Oceane, and Stephanie Buttermore! (you could even go on my Instagram account ((@jeccafit)) and find some awesome motivation and workout videos ;))

8. And finally, TAKE REST DAYS. Y'all, I used to work out 7 DAYS A WEEK. Yep, everyday. It was so easy to lose motivation and I never looked forward to my workouts. By adding just one rest day a week, I saw such a difference and that rest day helped me stay on track in the long run! (i'm really looking forward to my rest day this Saturday because not to toot my own horn but *toot toot* I've kind of been killing it with my sessions lately okay bye)

Those are some of the ways I keep motivated and make sure I kill it in my sessions! Try some of these if you feel like your in a lull and need a little oomf to get you going! I hope this helps you guys! Subscribe below to be notified when I post and to join the fitfam! <3

XO ~ Jess

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