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The benefits a healthy lifestyle has brought me

Hey, fit fam!!

I asked on my Instagram account (@jeccafit) what you wanted to see on the blog, and I got a request to talk about the benefits that transforming my unhealthy, chip-loving, no exercising life, to a healthy, fruit-filled, lots of exercising life has brought me! I thought this was a really awesome request and I never would have thought to write about this. The benefits of transforming your life are incredible. Not only does it benefit you physically and internally, but also, mentally. I thought about all the amazing benefits of a healthy life, and I hope this can motivate you to start your fitness journey! :)

1. Good skin, hair, and nails!

One thing I get complimented on a lot is my skin. I was born with really clear skin and acne isn't really a problem in my family, and i'm so thankful for that. To all you peeps who have a tedious morning and night-time skin routine, HUGE props to you because I literally am too lazy to even splash my face with water, so good for you! I think being healthy and incorporating lots of healthy, whole, natural ingredients have helped me so much with my skin, hair, and nails. I never would have known about all of these things if it weren't for research and dedication! Things that have helped me with my skin, hair, and nails are fish oil pills, coconut oil, healthy fats, and water! (Hydration is SO key!!!)

2. Body and brain functioning

Ever since I have started eating healthy and working out, I feel that I can do so much more physically, and mentally. Not only can I do push-ups now, but I feel I'm a lot more focused and my brain functions quicker and more efficiently! I feel more creative, determined, and inspired! I can also lift heavier things, and my stamina is way higher than it used to be! I can walk and walk and walk to my hearts content!

3. Sleep

Ah, sleep. My absolute FAVORITE thing in the world. When I lived an unhealthy life, I found it difficult to fall asleep, and stay asleep. Especially in the summer-time on break because I was literally doing nothing all day. Now that I'm active, I feel that i'm always doing something, whether that's physical or mental. Instead on sitting on my phone, walking around my house, or eating, i'll go for a walk, read, blog, write lists or plan my day, work on skills, or bake! This helps me stay active and busy so that when my head hits the pillow at that beautiful time, I fall asleep almost instantly, and I stay asleep. (I'm actually drifting off writing this post right now....zzzzzz). I honestly can say that I get anywhere from 9-12 hours of sleep every night. My body thrives off sleep and I absolutely need it. If I don't get AT LEAST 8 hours, I'm a monster. So, beware... Just kidding, just get me a coffee and i'll be fine! Until the clock hits 2 pm, then I'll be a monster. And coffee can't fix that monster.

4. Stress. :(

Growing up I've always been really anxious and I was such a worrier. (Still am bb esgetit). I always worried about complete irrational things and never stopped thinking about it. For example, oh, it's a thunderstorm! That means a tornado is going to hit! Or, oh, I have a head-ache, must be dying! Seriously. Those thoughts actually go through my brain to this day. Once I started working out, I noticed a strange feeling during, and after my session. A feeling of calm. A feeling of peace. What was this feeling I have never felt before?!?! I love it!!! Well, to get all sciencey, when you workout, you release a chemical from your body called endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in your body, similar to morphine (Thanks, wikipedia!). I feel such a release from reality when I train. I literally don't think about life. I think about finishing my squat with good form, pushing to my limit, and the next exercise. Sometimes I don't even pay attention to music and I don't realize it's playing. Working out is my escape, and when i'm stressed and super anxious, leg-day saves the day and I feel great after! If you're feeling stressed out, go for a gym session, a run, or even just a walk. It helps so much!

5. Confidence and respect.

I was always self conscious growing up, but, who isn't? I was surrounded by girls who I thought were way prettier than me, and skinnier for that matter (Not that it matters of course!!). I just had this perception of myself that i was disgusting, which was so ridiculous. I was just as pretty than all of those girls, and I shouldn't have ever been comparing myself to them. (Also, I made really good jokes back then so, who cares about my body, or anyone's body!). I should have just focused on the important stuff. What was on the inside. Being kind, funny, fun, giving; that's seriously what matters! Once I changed my life and grew up, I learnt that. Yeah, it was absolutely awesome to see change in my body, but, it felt 100x better to master a skill or increase my weight in an exercise! Now I feel so strong, and awesome and I don't put myself down as much. I'm ready for any challenge and no one is going to stop me!!!

6. Passion.

This is the last one i'm going to talk about. Yes, there are many more, but, it'll be a fricken essay if I keep going. Let me know if you want a part 2 though! Anyway, passion. My favorite thing to talk about. I'm an extremely passionate person an I always have been. I've always known what I want to do with my life and I know what I need to do to get there. Once I started my fitness journey, I found passion in so many more things and now I'm so open minded. Yes, maybe I will stick with my OG plan of moving to New York, going to Juilliard, and becoming an actress, buuuuuut, maybe i'll be a personal trainer, nutritionist, maybe, or even a social media influencer! (If my Instagram and blog work out, that is!). There are so many possibilities and I have so many ideas. Maybe that will make it more difficult when deciding where to go, but, if i'm happy in the long run, I don't care how hard it will be!

I hope this helps you guys and motivates you to start your journey. Having a healthy and fit lifestlye has so many benefits and I could just go on and on and on, but, i'll cut it short for now... Let me know if you want a part 2! You can do it! Keep pushing. Believe in yourself, girlfriend! (or boyfriend idk who reads this.)


Jess :)

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