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My favourite meals, and how to make em'.

As I have become more experienced with a healthy lifestyle, and healthy eating, I have learned so much and become a lot more "smart" with my food. I went from complex, okay tasting, kinda nutritious meals, to quick, easy, delicious, super nutritious foods that I NEVER get sick of. When trying to eat healthy, having meals that you actually like, and are easy to make, will make you more likely to maintain the healthy lifestyle, and actually enjoy it. So, I've gladly decided to share with you my favourite meals/snacks of all time, and everything you need to know about them. I'm just going to do a couple, as this would turn into a cookbook if I told you every meal I ate. I hope this helps you guys, and if you try out any of these meals, DM me on Instagram ( @jeccafit ), email me at , or send me a chat in the bottom right corner of the screen :) !


Almond butter and banana on Ezekiel toast

Rating: 12/10 (lets be real here all of these recipes are going to be 10/10 because just wow)

Time: ~7 Minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Directions: First of all, you don’t have to use Ezekiel bread for this. You can use just whole wheat or grain or even white, but I would suggest wheat or Ezekiel. (Ezekiel bread uses grains that aren’t stripped of their nutrients while other breads don’t have the good nutrients and it also has no preservatives, and 6x more nutrients than regular bread). If you use regular bread, just take it out and toast it. (you don’t have to toast it but I would recommend!). If you do buy Ezekiel bread, you can find it in the frozen aisle. I buy the sesame kind and I put it in my freezer since i'm the only one in my house who eats it, and it will go moldy if I don’t freeze it. Take the Ezekiel bread out of the freezer, and break off a slice, this should be easy. You can cut it if you have to, and pop it in the microwave for around 25 seconds, then put it in the toaster. While that’s in the toaster, grab a nice banana, slice it up, and take out your almond butter. I use the brand Irresistibles, and I use creamy almond butter. Once your toast is done, take it out, put about a tablespoon of almond butter, (If you are doing this for your first time, I would recommend measuring out 1 tablespoon of almond butter instead of eyeballing it, and dot hat for the first couple times until you get the jist, because almond butter is a calorie dense food, so you might be having way more calories than you think. Put your almond butter on the toast, put your banana slices, and voila! Delicious breakfast 😊!


Sweet potato, kale, and lentils

Rating: 10/10

Time: ~20 mins (amazing for meal prep and makes lunch for a WHOLE WEEK!)

Difficulty: Neutral (but pretty easy)

Directions: First step, is grab a good sized sauce pan in which you can fit a whole diced sweet potato, kale, and lentils in. Put it on the stove on medium high, and drizzle about 1 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil. (you can do more or less oil and you can use any oil you want, I just use olive oil.) Next, dice up about half a white onion and throw it in and saute that around and leave it while you do the next step. (check on it though!). Next, peel and chop with 1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes and throw that in. (You can do as much as you want basically. Saute that around until almost, but not fully cooked. Next, turn down the heat to about medium/medium low, and throw in about half a bag of frozen kale, or as much as you want. Saute that around for a minute or 2, but BE GENTLE when mixing, or else the sweet potatoes will mash! I've learned from my mistakes... *face palm*. Next, turn down the heat again to low, and drain and rinse half a can of lentils (or again however much you want), and throw it in. Stir everything together GENTLY! Add salt and pepper to taste. Make sure everything is cooked through, let cool, and pack for a week of DELICIOUS LUNCHES! I add goat cheese on top and WOW it just kicks it up 20 notches! Definitely try it! I also basically eyeball every measurement! Add as much or little as you want of everything. Also, watch the saucepan every minute or so to make sure nothing is burning! Its better for your saucepan to be too low than too hot!


Turkey chili

Rating: 100/10 (if you are going to try any of these recipes, make it this one and thank me later).

Time: 1 hour (half or more of which is just waiting and plus this make leftovers for a week+)

Difficulty: Pretty easy! I mean its pretty hard to mess this one up! Directions: Before i start this recipe, I want to say that this recipe is doubled. if you want to half this recipe, go ahead! This makes enough for the 4 people living in my house right now, plus usually half a pot for leftovers. We sometimes freeze half the pot, so we can take it out whenever we want. Anyway, enough of the jibber jabber, here's the recipe: Get yourself a nice, big ol' pot! Be realistic because your going to be making chili so make it big enough! Turn the heat to medium. Start by adding a little drizzle of olive oil. (Again you can use whatever kind of oil you want.) Dice up a white onion and throw that in. Next, dice up any veggies you want. We use carrots, celery and peppers. You can basically do how ever much you want. If you want a big pot, and lots of leftovers, do a good amount. Almost all of my recipes are me eyeballing it. Just add however much you want. If you want a little proportion, then 2 large carrots, a couple stalks of celery, and half of a red, orange, and yellow bell pepper (so 1 and a half peppers) for this step. Next, get 2 packages of ground LEAN turkey, and throw it in and mash it around with a rubber spatula or whatever utensil you want. Let the turkey cook for about 5 minutes or until it is brown. There might be some drainage and liquid from the ingredients you put in, so feel free to drain that into a separate cup. (let it cool before you put it anywhere though). We drain most of it so that there is still some liquid so its a little more liquidy than thick. Next, add chili seasoning (WARNING! This kinda smells like B.O once you put it in but some people don't even notice it... i do... let me know if you smell B.O when you do this step... k thanks). We use the whole package of Old El Paso chili seasoning. We also add chili flakes to spice it up. Make it as spicy as you want. Start small, and add more near the end if you want. Add some salt and pepper. Next add 2 cans of diced tomatoes. We use 2 cans of Unico diced tomatoes. Stir up the chili. Next add a DRAINED and RINSED can of red kidney beans. (make sure you drain and rinse em') . Finally, add about one cup of frozen corn. (I love corn so you can add more if you want). Now, the hardest part. Let it simmer for 30 minutes to an hour on medium/medium-low.

can of beans cup of frozen corn 2 packs of ground turkey 2 cans of tomatoes. Serve with some grated cheddar cheese, low fat sour cream, a fresh baguette (120% recommended), and/or some veggies and light dip! (all if you want! I don't put the sour cream). You can also top with some hot sauce or chili flakes to spice it up. There ya go! THE BEST CHILI RECIPE EVER!!! To all you mom/dads out there, this recipe is AMAZING for families and makes a delicious dinner, and leftovers for a week+! Guys, I don't know what I would do for all of you to try this recipe. It is the most delicious thing you will ever eat. It is so healthy, filling and so delicious. This is such an amazing alternative for when you over salads. Its high in protein and not so high cal! This. Recipe. Is. Everything. Please, please, please try this recipe and tag me!


Rice cake with hummus and turkey Rating: 11/10

Time: 5 mins!

Difficulty: Literally the easiest thing you will ever do in your life.

Directions: Y'all, this is the easiest, quickest, most delicious snack EVERRRR. sometimes I have this as a meal because I love it so much. I don't know how i thought of it, but it has been my favorite snack for MONTHS. Here's the glory: Step 1 and the MOST IMPORTANT STEP. GET YOURSELF SOME RICE CAKES, RED PEPPER HUMMUS, AND TURKEY. If you don't currently have any of these foods in your household, WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. WITH. YOUR. LIFE?!?!?!? sorry. i'm getting a little aggressive. I'm just a tad passionate about these foods. But seriously. Get these. Anyway, get however many rice cakes you want, put about a tbsp or however much you want of red pepper hummus. (red pepper hummus is superior to regular hummus don't @ me) then, put some LEAN turkey meat on top. (low cal, good source of protein. BUT research how to choose good deli meat before you get it! make sure its lean, low sodium and not containing random bad chemicals!!!) Then, i usually add sliced cucumber on top, but its not necessary! and to finish it all off. TOP IT WITH FRANKS RED HOT BABYYYYYY! *again not necessary but HIGHLY recommended! This recipe is SO QUICK, easy, low cal, good source of protein, great pre/post workout snack, and of course, delicious!

I truly hope you guys test these recipes out. The are my absolute favorites right now. I love these recipes because none of them taste like your ol' gross healthy boring salad. They are delicious, quick, super convenient, and so so healthy. If you do decide to try out any of these meals, DM me @jeccafit, email me at, tag me in your post/story, or chat with me in the bottom right corner! good luck you guys. This will help you jump start, and maintain your healthy lifestyle. Let me know if y'all want a part 2! Love you guys! Remember, healthy doesn't have to be gross, boring, or difficult!!

Lots of love and well wishes!

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