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What's In My Gym Bag?

There are a lot of essential things you need to have when working out. clothes, workout gear, key tag, etc. i’m here to tell you what i keep in my gym bag and my essentials for the gym!

i’ll be honest with you guys; my gym bag is HELLA janky. it’s just a raggity old jawstring bag. im getting a real gym bag soon though i promise!!! it may be a small bag, but it’s packed full of essentials and things i can’t live without! let’s get into it.

1- Clothes

i always make sure to have at LEAST 1 gym shirt in my bag. i usually bring an extra because i might change my mind of what i want to wear. i always wear leggings to school, so i never change my pants at the gym. i also always wear running shoes! i usually have a shirt and a sports bra (if i’m not wearing one already) that i pick in the morning. i sometimes forget to pack a shirt so try to set a reminder on your phone if you’re like me.

2- HAIR. TIES. (and a brush)

to all my gals out there with long hair (or boys i don’t know your life) you’ll know how HORRIBLE it is when you forget to bring a hair tie to the gym and your hair is flying everywhere when you’re just tryna do some deadlifts. it’s literally the most annoying thing. my hair sometimes even bugs me when it’s in a pony tail let alone down. when i see girls working out with there hair down i get straight ANXIETY. so i always make sure i have hairties on my wrist on in my gym bag. i usually bring a thin one, and a thick one and decide which one i want when i get there. I also bring a brush cause my hair is WaCk!

3- Water!

Y'all if you workout without water, then wtf please see a therapist. I'm literally dying of thirst when I workout and I always drink a full bottle during my workouts. Having water during your workouts is a best way to get your daily water intake in! I just bring one of my swell bottles and I'm good to go. Having one of those 2.2 Litre bottles is something I'm going to try to do in the summer! Yes, I'm going to be THAT girl.

TIP: if you're one of those people who HATES water, try BCAA's!! BCAA's are an energy supplement and there are hundreds of brands and flavours! they are usually 0 calories and they add a really tasty flavour in your water! its basically like gatorade. I use Biosteel in mixed berry or blue raspberry! (blue raspberry tastes like sour patch kids. 10/10 recommend!!) you can find on amazon or basically any sports/supplement store.

4- Workout Gear

Workout gear is sorta a broad subject, but if I labeled everything, we'd be here all night. I bring something different every day. I always have some sort of workout object. Some examples are skipping ropes, ab roller, and BANDS. I. ALWAYS. HAVE. BANDS. If you're like me, and growing your booty is always a main priority, having bands is a MUST. I use a band on every leg day for exercises and to abduct my booty!


I use chalk for every workout except shoulders. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I use white chalk for grip, like gymnasts use. This helps SO MUCH for grip with deadlifts, pull ups, rows, etc. I found myself always losing grip, and that stopped me from hitting PR's. Once I started adding chalk, I was shocked to see just how strong I actually was, and how many reps I could actually go for. I know, loose, dry chalk can be such a hassle, so, I use Liquid Chalk! "what the hell is this girl talking about" k guys hear me out. this'll sound weird. It did for me when I first heard about it. I use a little bottle of chalk in liquid form. The bottle is about the size of my hand or my phone, and I got it on Amazon for like $11. I use the brand "Beasty Chalk" and you can buy a natural one, like I do! you have to squirt the chalk out, and its like a paint consistency. I rub it ONLY between my PALMS. not on my fingertips. This took me a while to learn, but this will prevent it from getting on your clothes and on your phone. Then, let it FULLY dry until it turns into a dry powder, and lift away! I don't know what I would do without my chalk. If you lift, I HIGHLY recommend you buy chalk. (the chalk easily washes off with soap and water).

6- Hygeine babyyyy

Ugh. The absolute worst thing about the gym. Smelly people. ALWAYS PLEASE GOD WEAR DEODORANT. even if you think you don't need it, WEAR. IT. I always keep deodorant in my bag, and I put it on before every single workout. My absolute biggest fear is smelling bad. Its a tight packed place. people are sweaty. its hot. please at least be a decent person and try to make this environment a little more... bearable... I also bring some...uh...feminine hygiene products... if you catch my drift...

7- Lock. duh.

Wanna keep your stuff? lock it up, hunny! I've deadass seen people "lock" their lock with an ELASTIC BAND. like... what does that even do. I just have like a $2 lock from the dollar store! seriously, ESPECIALLY if you have valuables, get a lock. Bro, if you can afford a gym membership, you can splurge on a damn $2 lock!

8- Charger, and headphones!

eLeCtRoNiCs TiMe! But seriously, no one wants a dead phone when they need a ride, or are walking home! safety first! I always have a spare charger, cause after a long day, my phone is most likely at 10%. especially with the most janky phone, like mine. Bring one for safety reasons! As for headphones, yes, I'm your typical white girl. I have AirPods. don't kill me pls. I actually love them! I used to think they were SO stupid, but then my phone broke, and I could only listen to music and take calls with bluetooth headphone options, so AirPods were purchased, and ill say!!! they are worth the purchase!!! I know they are expensive. they are TOTALLY not necessary. but if you hate the cord of headphone, or your phone is broken like mine, and you have a lil extra $$$, get em! treat yo self. (says me, the person who NEVER spends for herself).

9- ETC.

These are the little things that don't really deserve their own paragraph... sorry little ones! These are things like my gym key tag, chapstick, straps (that I never use lmao whoops), and extra socks and stuff! still useful, but not super important. I mean, the key tag is, but like, whatever.

so that's what's in my gym bag! don't get me wrong, I'm not as organized as I sound. I've definitely forgotten every single one of these things! Its okay if you forget stuff, just remember to put it in next time! I hope this helps you on creating your PERFECT gym bag essentials! Now, children, go on! Take these tips, and be free. Good luck! xoxo.

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